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Bamboozi Beach Lodge Mozambique

Serviced accommodation, Backpackers & Camping for the adventurous...

Situated under the coconut palms a little way out of Tofo is the awesome Bamboozi Lodge. Ideal for backpackers, campers, overlanders looking for a stunning setting and offering various accommodation types.
Tofo is party town and "Full Moon" parties are still enjoyed every month.
Enjoy the Bamboozi pub & restaurant situated atop a sand dune with awesome views over the bay
So you can..party up a storm...dive with Mantas & Whalesharks...explore the beaches....explore the market...visit quaint pubs & restaurants...and just totally soak up the warm Mozambique vibe

Bamboozi has accommodation for all types of traveller from basic dormitories to self catering chalets. Please
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