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  • Barra Resorts Mozambique
  • Barra Resorts Mozambique
  • Barra Resorts Mozambique
  • Barra Resorts Mozambique
  • Barra Resorts Mozambique

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Barra Resorts Mozambique

Self Drive Checklist

Passports are required for all visitors to Mozambique.

South African passport holders do not need visas. Other nationalities need to apply for visa's. It is advisable to obtain visa's before travelling to Mozambique as this can often prove difficult at the various points of entry including airports and border control posts. It is possible that last minute visa's may not be issued at all of these entry points.

No Firearms are allowed to be brought into Mozambique.

Things to take

Passport valid for 6 months and at least one clean page
Identity book with a valid drivers license - if self-drive
Copy of Barra booking and confirmation voucher
Original vehicle registration papers & SA vehicle clearance form from SA border
Duplicate vehicle keys
2 Red triangles per vehicle if towing and a fitted red triangle to front of towing vehicle
A yellow safety waistcoat
Vehicle third party - purchased on the Mozambique side of the border (this you can also purchase at the Sasol garage outside Komatipoort)
Drinking water
Tyre pump and pressure gauge, tool kit and basic spares (fan belt etc),tow rope or strap
Good flash light and batteries
Camera Hat, sun glasses, sun screen, Malaria prophylaxis and insect repellent.
Small first aid kit and personal medications

When driving in Mozambique wear seat belts and observe the speed limit in all towns. The minimum speeding fines can be high and spot fines are imposed.

Self Drive Information:

Do not carry firearms as no firearms may be carried across the border and neither can firearms be handed into any police station in South Africa, due to the changes in legislation in this regard.
No animals whatsoever are permitted to be carried across the border
Travellers who have visited, or come from, countries affected by Yellow Fever are advised to have a Yellow Fever vaccination for entry into both South Africa and Mozambique. For enquiries call the South African Department of Health at +27 (0) 13 793 7183+27 (0) 13 793 7183
Please note that there are many individuals working on both sides of the border who are passing themselves off as government officials and who offer to complete documentation on behalf of travellers for a fee. These individuals may be fraudsters and should be avoided at all costs.
Please also note that no fees are payable on either side of the border for the completion of documents. The only fee charged is R17-00 which is levied by Mozambican immigration for travellers into Mozambique for the processing of the passport at Ressano Garcia and is paid to the uniformed immigration officer. If you are unsure please ask for an official identification and an official government receipt.
Please also do not use the runners at the border post who offer to jump the immigration queues for a fee. This makes you party to fraud and corruption and undermines the efforts of the relevant government departments to stamp out corruption and provide an effective service.
South African travellers to Mozambique are required to complete a DA341 for their vehicle. Please ensure that information provided on that document is accurate, as there are serious legal implications should this information be found to be inaccurate.
Third party insurance for South African vehicles crossing the border is compulsory and can be obtained from various outlets at the border and at Komatipoort, agents at the Lebombo Border Dry Port, as well as the Sasol garage near the N4. These service providers will also assist with necessary documentation for your trip across the border.
Night time travellers should beware of pedestrians and stray animals on the road. Avoid travelling at night if at all possible.




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