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  • Barra Resorts Mozambique
  • Barra Resorts Mozambique
  • Barra Resorts Mozambique
  • Barra Resorts Mozambique

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History of Barra

This was the road less travelled...however this is no longer the case...


Dave Law and his son John decided to explore Mozambique shortly after the civil war ended in 1994.
They wanted to establish a beach lodge in a tropical location and within driving distance from South Africa.

Travelling into and through Mozambique during these “early” days was challenging. During the war which lasted close to 25 years Mozambique’s infrastructure took a beating.
Paved roads were in some places turned to gravel roads, fuel was difficult to obtain, people were suspicious of everyone…and yet…Dave and John persevered.

"When we first came to Barra at the end of 1992 it took us more than four days to drive from the Ressano Garcia border post to Inhambane city.
The roads where littered with pot holes and old car wrecks. This same trip now takes eight hours and is tarred all the way.
When we first arrived in Inhambane city and asked about the beaches everyone in town only knew Tofo and pointed us in that direction.
The 22km took us two hours to drive and we arrived to find a desolate village.

We camped for a night on Tofo beach and next morning we took out an old map printed in 1957 which showed another beach called Praia da Barra just 10km away.
When asking the local inhabitants the way to Barra they laughed at us and said it’s a good 3 hour walk.
When we said we wanted to go down there in our landrover they said no car had been there in more than 20 years.
Always open for adventure we left on what we thought would be a 30 minute trip, it took us over two hours with lots of back and forth looking for ways around sand dunes and marshes.

As you all know it was worth it when we arrived in Paradise, Barra beach"




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